What Our Clients Say

"Great experience. Professional, timely, and transparent.  All the qualities you need in an attorney. My case involved personal injury, from a car accident.  He made the process very smooth, and even helped to get me treatment.  While I'd like to avoid getting into car accidents, I do look forward to another opportunity to work with Mr. Shin." 

Peter Y.

"Brian is amazingly savvy and knowledgeable about the law. He's patient and understanding and was dream to speak to. I was able to reach him quickly and he offered very personal and professional service. I highly recommend Brian for any of your legal needs."

Iris Y.

"I got in to a car accident & i hire Brian Shin he work really fast got me a good chiropractor that day & settle my case really fast . Great guy  =5 star Lawyer."

Johnny B.

"Brian has a heart of gold and is sharp as a whip. I was stuck in a sticky landlord-tenant dispute and, though Brian didn't have the bandwidth to take my case, he addressed all of my concerns and provided a wealth of background knowledge over the phone with a free consultation. Give him a call!"

Tyler G.

"Went back to see Brian when one of my buddies got into a car accident and totaled her car. My friend is more comfortable speaking Spanish so it was nice that one of the workers was able to step in and translate. They hooked her up with a rental car, found her a doctor, and got things sorted out quick. Always a pleasure to deal with."

Chub L.